Courtesy Information

During hurricane season, you can bet that the cities will be closed and there will be no kindermusik classes if the schools are closed. I will do my best to leave an outgoing message on their answering machines as well. IF you cannot reach a real person at the Kindermusik sites, they are probably closed. Use your best judgement. If the weather is dangerously windy with torrential rains...hard to see on the roadways...we probably won't be having class. It is up to each Kindermusik Educator as to whether they will be doing a makeup for Mother Nature's surprises! They will surely let you know after the storm subsides! Stay safe!

Students and Adults play in socks or bare feet.

If your child is sick, please do not attend class – arrange for a
‘Make-up’ class.

Parents, guardians, grandparents and caregivers are
welcome to join the class.

The Recreation Center in Boca Raton charge an additional fee
for non-residents.

At home materials and craft fees are mandatory.