Discover the power of music….
Uncover the joy of learning.

Each Kindermusik class is a world of discovery and adventure. In every class, you’ll witness your child’s developmental evolution in language skills, literacy, listening, problem solving, social skills, self-esteem and musicality. And it all happens within a nurturing environment-full of energy, imagination, music, movement and playful delight.

Kindermusik celebrates and fosters the development of each child

Research tells us what we intuitively knew all along: cognitive, social, and emotional development begins in a newborn’s very first days of life, and from the very beginning, we can do much to stimulate that growth in very natural, loving ways. Kindermusik brings music and movement into the lives of families and young children, using music as the tool to nurture and foster in the total development of each unique child with a joyful, engaging approach to learning.

Kindermusik is in step with your child’s learning stride

Kindermusik is a seven-year multi-stage curriculum for children newborn through 7 years at a variety of developmental levels. Kindermusik Village is for infants newborns to 1 1⁄2 year-olds, Kindermusik Sign and Sing is for children 6 months to 3 years old, Kindermusik Our Time is for toddlers 1 1⁄2 to 3 years old, Kindermusik Imagine That! is for preschoolers ages 3 to 5, and Kindermusik for the Young Child is for children ages 5 to 7.

Each curriculum introduces your child to the adventure of music and then moves at his pace, pausing to engage his interests, nurture his gifts, celebrate his discoveries and prepare him for the next Kindermusik level. Kindermusik gives you and your child the time and tools to bring the power of music into your life at home and into his life forever.

Kindermusik is gently unfolding, not molding

You may already know that much of your child’s learning takes place in critical periods that occur quite early in life. During these once-in-a-lifetime phases, your child is highly receptive to particular types of learning experience. Kindermusik helps your child make the most of these critical windows.

Each class provides a pressure-free approach to learning. In this small group experience your child has room to grow. Guided by a music and child development expert, a Licensed Kindermusik Educator uses research-proven curricula that will leave you both awestruck—and energized—by learning.

Kindermusik uses purposeful, developmentally appropriate activities

What if, by age six or seven, your child had found a confident, joyful voice for singing and speaking…and yet had also learned to listen with quiet, focused attention? What if your child could participate delightedly in group activities and ensembles, and could use spontaneous movement to express feelings? What if your child was able to confidently offer ideas, work in a group and delight in the discovery of others’ ideas?

Would this say anything about your child’s potential as a musician
or an artist or an athlete or a student?

Perhaps. But more significantly, it would mean that your young child had already received important lessons for living and learning.

This is the purpose of the Kindermusik series, which uses music to encourage early learning and creativity in children birth to 7 years of age. Music is the means, not the goal. The goal is a more alive, curious, confident, creative and able child.

Kindermusik has a history that spans nearly half a century

In the late 1960s, educational experts in Germany developed a music and movement curriculum for kindergarten children. They drew on the work of esteemed musicians and educators from Europe and Asia, including Shinichi Suzuki, Maria Montessori, and Carl Orff.

By the mid 1970s, the program was ready for prime time. Two of the original creators introduced it to the U.S., and in 1978 the company Kindermusik was founded. A few years later it expanded into Canada, and from there it spread around the world. Kindermusik has been enjoyed by over 1 million families in more than 60 countries.

Kindermusik is making a difference

The results are profound. Watch any Kindermusik class and you’ll see the process: joyful learning that can influence the entire course of your child’s early life. That’s why Kindermusik provides unique support for your child’s development.

Give us a call and we’ll help you find a class that’s right for you and your child. If it’s exposure to music and movement, satisfying your child’s need to learn in a sensory environment, fostering your child’s language development, encouraging motor and social development, or more time together as a family, Kindermusik has something for everyone.